Barbara Ann Pfeil

November 17, 2018

Barbara A. Pfeil 1942-2018 Rock Port, Missouri   Barbara Ann Pfeil, the daughter of William and Helen (Ottmann) Walker was born on May 25, 1942, in Maryville, Missouri.  She graduated from Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Missouri,

Helen R. Bowen

November 7, 2018

Helen R. Bowen 1924-2018 Blair, Nebraska   Helen R. Bowen, the daughter of Ruford and Nellie (Hall) Kuhns, was born November 10, 1924, in Hamburg, Iowa.  She attended schools in Thurman and Hamburg, Iowa.   On May 20, 194

Meredith Keith Proctor

November 7, 2018

M. Keith Proctor 1938-2018 Rock Port, Missouri   Meredith Keith Proctor, the son of Howard Clayton and Phyllis Hope (Shandy) Proctor, was born November 21, 1938, in Phelps City, Missouri.  He attended school in Phelps City and Rock

AnnaBelle Johnson

October 29, 2018

AnnaBelle Johnson 1924-2018 Westboro, Missouri   AnnaBelle Johnson, the daughter of Robert Lesley and Ora Ethel (Nuckolls) Stevens, was born November 13, 1924, in Tarkio, Missouri. She graduated from North Star country school, east o

Lois Evelyn Bennington

October 15, 2018

Lois E. Bennington 1924-2018 Rock Port, Missouri   Lois Evelyn Bennington, the daughter of Charles Sr. and Juanita (Million) Herron was born January 27, 1924, in Watson, Missouri.  Lois attended grade school at North Polk country sc

Michael A. (Mike) Umbarger

October 14, 2018

Michael A. Umbarger 1959-2018 Westboro, Missouri   Michael A. (Mike) Umbarger, the son of John Duane and Laveta Vaun (Payton) Umbarger, was born August 27, 1959, in Fairfax, Missouri.  He attended Fairfax High School, Fairfax. &n

Michael E. Johnson

October 3, 2018

Michael E. Johnson 1971-2018 Tarkio, Missouri   Michael E. Johnson, the son of Billy Joe and Lyllis Ann (Chaney) Johnson, was born April 16, 1971, in Fairfax, Missouri.  He attended Tarkio High School, Tarkio, Missouri, graduating i

Lois Verlee Whelan

October 2, 2018

Lois V. Whelan 1924 – 2018 Watson, Missouri   Lois Verlee (Akers) Whelan, the daughter of Otto Ray and Eunice Veda (Piper) Akers, was born at home on March 7, 1924, in rural Gravity, Iowa.  She attended Spread Eagle country school

Jessie Marie (Herron) Knierim

September 24, 2018

Jessie M. Knierim 1931-2018 Rock Port, Missouri   Jessie Marie (Herron) Knierim, the daughter of William Jesse and Mabel Venice (Sauceman) Herron, was born May 22, 1931, in Watson, Missouri.  She grew up in rural Watson and Rock Por

Elic Lando Riley

September 19, 2018

Elic L. Riley 1938 - 2018 Elmo, Missouri   Elic Lando Riley, the son of Willard Frank and Dolly Luena (Hicks) Riley, was born June 22, 1938, in Tarkio, Missouri.  He attended Tarkio High School, graduating in 1957.   On J

Edith Lois Lohr

September 20, 2018

LATE NOTICE Edith L. Lohr 1924-2018 Rock Port, Missouri   Edith Lois Lohr, 93, Rock Port, passed away Thursday, September 20, 2018, at Pleasant View Nursing Home, Rock Port.   The body has been cremated.   Th

Peggy Marie Wright Bonar

September 13, 2018

Peggy M. W. Bonar 1939-2018 Rock Port, MO   Peggy Marie Wright Bonar, the daughter of Merrill James and Edna May (Tudor) Wright, was born March 10, 1939, in Maryville, Missouri.  She attended Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Missou

James E. (Jim) Chambers

September 12, 2018

James E. Chambers 1933-2018 Tarkio, Missouri   James E. (Jim) Chambers, the son of John and Bertha (Wheat) Chambers, was born August 9, 1933, in Tarkio, Missouri.  He attended high school in Burlington Junction, Missouri, and Watson

Betty Jean Van Leuven

September 11, 2018

Betty J. Van Leuven 1933 - 2018 Rocky Mount, Missouri   Betty Jean Van Leuven, the daughter of Charles Edward and Euphemia Mae (Nuckolls) Stevens, was born June 25, 1933, in Fairfax, Missouri.  She attended Tarkio High School. &n

Ronnie E. Sutter

September 12, 2018

Ronnie E. Sutter 1937 - 2018 Rock Port, Missouri   Ronnie E. Sutter, the son of Evan Leonard and Matie Viola (Gebhards) Sutter, was born October 8, 1937, in Langdon, Missouri.  He attended Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Missouri,


Robert L. Burson

August 18, 2018

Robert L. Burson 1932-2018 Tarkio, Missouri   Robert L. Burson, the son of Denton Robert Orlando and Leota Pearl (Liter) Burson, was born September 6, 1932, on the farm in Mills County, Iowa, near Strahan, Iowa.  He attended Wales C

Bently J. Umbarger

June 6, 2018

Bently J. Umbarger, 58, of Panorama City, California, passed away there June 6, 2018. He was born October 30, 1959, in Columbus, Ohio, the son of William and Marjorie Umbarger.   The family moved back to the Fairfax community in 1963. Bent

Gary Ray Sparks

July 14, 2018

Gary Ray Sparks, the son of Gary Arthur and Sharon Kay (Loeffler) Sparks, was born January 3, 1968, in Fairfax, Missouri.  Gary graduated from Tarkio High School in 1986.  He then attended Northwest Technical School, Maryville, Missouri, for two ye


Robert (Bob) Palmer

July 7, 2018

Robert (Bob) Palmer died July 7, 2018 in North Kansas City, MO. Graveside services with military honors will be held at 11:00 AM, Thursday, July 12, Linden Cemetery, rural Rock Port, MO. There will be viewing and visitation at 10:00 AM at the Linden


Raymond L. Noah

June 18, 2018

Raymond L. Noah, the son of Raymond Carl and Minnie Ethel (Livengood) Noah, was born June 16, 1931, in Langdon, Missouri.  He attended Phelps City Grade School, Phelps City, Missouri, and Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Missouri, graduating in 194


Virgil L. Roberts

June 17, 2018

Virgil L. Roberts, the son of Ernest Leon and Josephine (Bendon) Roberts, was born July 9, 1955, in Fairfax, Missouri.  He attended Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Missouri.  In 1975, Virgil entered the United States Air Force, receiving his hono

Phyllis E. Craven

June 7, 2018

Phyllis E. Craven 1924-2018 Tarkio, Missouri   Phyllis Evelyn (Martin) Craven, daughter of Charles Beck and Ivah Leah (Baker) Martin, was born January 15, 1924, near Rock Port, Missouri.  She passed away Thursday, June 7, 2018, at T

Mary A. Murr

June 5, 2018

Mary A. Murr 1949-2018 Corning, Missouri   Mary Ann (Lamaak) Murr, the daughter of Hans and Alma (Koster) Lamaak was born April 17, 1949 in Denison, Iowa.  She attended Denison, Iowa schools.  In September of 1966, Mary was united

Betty Leona Kirk

June 5, 2018

Betty L. Kirk 1924-2018 Sidney, Iowa     Betty Leona Kirk, the daughter of Jesse Ford and Rachael (Maness) Patton, was born July 29, 1924, in Rock Port, Missouri.  She attended country schools in the Rock Port area, completi

Maureen K. Moore

May 31, 2018

Maureen K. Moore 1964-2018 Rock Port, Missouri   Maureen K. Moore, the daughter of Rev. Dale J. and Lavone M. (Halseth) Barnett, was born August 25, 1964, in Great Bend, Kansas.  She attended Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Missou

James Clifford Smith

May 28, 2018

J. Clifford Smith 1937-2018 Tarkio, Missouri   James Clifford Smith, the son of Charles Clifford and Leona Maude (Freeman) Smith, was born February 17, 1937, in Tarkio, Missouri.  He attended Westboro High School, graduating in 1955

Philip R. Clark

May 18, 2018

Philip R. Clark 1931-2018 Tarkio, Missouri     Philip R. Clark, the son of Ray L. and Mabel (Sloane) Clark, was born October 27, 1931, in rural Tarkio, Missouri. Phil attended South York Country School through the eighth grad

Betty Ruth Bussard

May 16, 2018

Betty R. Bussard 1942-2018 Tarkio, Missouri     Betty Ruth Bussard, the daughter of Merrill Alvin and Catherine Ruth (Grimmett) Johnson was born September 13, 1942, in Maryville, Missouri.  She attended West Nodaway High Sch


Rick G. Kirwan

May 15, 2018

Rick G. Kirwan 1942-2018 Tarkio, Missouri     Rick G. Kirwan, the son of Dana and Kathleen (Newton) Kirwan, was born July 24, 1942, in Weymouth, Massachusetts.  He graduated high school in Massachusetts then attended Iowa We


Ronald Felix Archambault

May 8, 2018

Ronald F. Archambault 1937-2018 Tarkio, Missouri     Ronald Felix Archambault, the son of Louis Charles and Isabelle (Visina) Archambault, was born April 29, 1937, in Chicago, Illinois.  He attended school in the Chicago are