Robert F. Hogue, Jr.

November 10, 2017

Robert F. Hogue, Jr., the son of Robert, F., Sr. and Alta Charlene (Freeman) Hogue, was born June 21, 1956 in Fairfield, California while his father was stationed on Travis Air Force Base. Robert attended Tarkio High School, Tarkio, Missouri, graduat

E. Rosalie Woodring

November 8, 2017

E. Rosalie Woodring 1930 – 2017 Tarkio, Missouri   E. Rosalie Woodring, the daughter of Roy Henry and Wilma Hope (Greer) Voltmer was born October 11, 1930, in Rock Port, Missouri. She attended Tarkio High School, graduating in 1949.

Andrew Schebaum

October 23, 2017

Andrew T. Schebaum 2017-2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Andrew Ty Schebaum, the newborn son of Nic Schebaum and Ashley Miller, was born October 18, 2017, in Shenandoah, Iowa.   Andrew passed away Monday, October 23, 2017, at Children


Edward F. Bare, M.D.

October 12, 2017

Edward F. Bare, the son of William and Abagail (Faler) Bare was born February 24, 1924, in Douglass, Kansas. In the 1940’s, he served his country in the United States Army Air Corps. After his military service during World War 2, he received his Ba

Rowena Smith

October 4, 2017

Rene Smith 1931-2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Rowena E. (Rene) Smith, the daughter of Elmer and Sally (Flanagan) Harrington, was born August 23, 1931, in Fairfax, Missouri. She attended Fairfax High School.   In December 1968, Re

Merle D. Barr

September 23, 2017

Merle D. Barr 1934 – 2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Merle Dean Barr, the son of Willard Marian and Margaret (Rager) Barr, was born April 2, 1934, in Lebanon, Missouri. He attended Herman, Nebraska, High School.   On June 15, 1953,


Dr. David Theodore Kyle

September 16, 2017

Dr. David Theodore Kyle, the son of Newton (Newt) Parker, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth (Wilson) Kyle, was born June 21, 1932, in Maryville, Missouri. He attended Peru High School, Peru, Nebraska, graduating in 1950. He attended Tarkio College, Tarkio, Miss

Joyce A. Tunnell

September 17, 2017

Joyce A. Tunnell 1943-2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Joyce A. Tunnell, the daughter of Norvell William and Dora Ann (Fuller) Harris, was born May 13, 1943, in Tarkio, Missouri. She attended Tarkio High School.   On July 28, 1966,

Cathy Lynn Hurst

September 16, 2017

Cathy L. Hurst 1958 – 2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Cathy Lynn Hurst, the daughter of Laverne James Robert and Chelita Revae (Reinke) Goolsby, was born April 23, 1958, in St. Joseph, Missouri. She attended Benton High School, St. Joseph, gra

Cleo Junior Graham

September 16, 2017

C. Junior Graham 1938 – 2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Cleo Junior Graham, the son of Cleo Miles and Pearl May (Hamilton) Graham, was born December 14, 1938, in Malvern, Iowa. He attended Homer Country School and Tarkio High School, Tarkio, M

Cathy Claire Carter

September 12, 2017

Cathy C. Carter 1949-2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Cathy Claire Carter, the daughter of Ivan and Claire (Brittain) Carter, was born January 8, 1949, in St. Joseph, Missouri. She attended Tarkio High School, Tarkio, Missouri, graduating in 1967

Jayne E. Borman

September 12, 2017

Jayne E. Borman 1957-2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Jayne Elizabeth Borman, 60, Tarkio, passed away Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at Tarkio Rehabilitation and Health Care, Tarkio.   No memorial services or family visitation planned at

Sharon K. Greenwalt

August 22, 2017

Sharon K. Greenwalt 1947-2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Sharon K. Greenwalt, the daughter of Robert Neal and Edith JoHanna (Blair) Gwin, was born May 9, 1947, in Longmont, Colorado. She attended school in Longmont and Eaton, Colorado, and gr


James Warbritton

August 20, 2017

James A. Warbritton 1932-2017 Tarkio, Missouri   James A. (Jim) Warbritton, the son of Ralph and Francis (Van Allen) Warbritton, was born August 7, 1932, in Ashland, Nebraska. He attended Ashland High School and in 1951, he joined the Un


Duane G. Deatz

August 9, 2017

Duane G. Deatz 1928 - 2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Duane Grant Deatz, the son of Merrill Grant and Helen Nora (Fischer) Deatz, was born October 12, 1928, in Rock Port, Missouri. He attended several country schools and Rock Port High School


Harold G. Beasing

August 7, 2017

Harold G. Beasing 1943 - 2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Harold G. (Tuffy) Beasing, the son of Don and Hazel (Leseberg) Beasing, was born October 22, 1943, in Rock Port, Missouri. At the age of 16, he lived with his grandparents, Woody and Gr

E. Gene Broermann

July 31, 2017

E. Gene Broermann 1927-2017 Westboro, Missouri   E. Gene Broermann, the son of William Henry and Therese Caroline (Kemper) Broermann, was born on October 29, 1927, in Westboro, Missouri. He attended Yale Country School, Westboro, through

Georgia Marie Houghton

July 24, 2017

Georgia M. Houghton 1924 - 2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Georgia Marie (Boatright) Houghton, the daughter of Lloyd E. and Audrey (Fogleson) Boatright, was born April 15, 1924, in Redfield, South Dakota. She attended Savannah High School, Savan

Alan Ray Trauernicht

July 23, 2017

Ray Trauernicht 1940-2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Ray Trauernicht, the son of Vernon F. and Eva P. (Thompson) Trauernicht, was born November 8, 1940, in Maryville, Missouri. He attended Wolfe country school in rural Fairfax, Missouri, and

Keith E. Flack

July 19, 2017

Keith E. Flack 1943 - 2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Keith Elliott Flack, the son of David Doyle and Margaret May (Henn) Flack, was born August 28, 1943, in Shenandoah, Iowa. He attended Westboro High School, Westboro, Missouri, graduating in 1

Louise Graham

July 11, 2017

Louise Graham 1937 - 2017 Bend, Oregon   Louise Graham, the daughter of Garland G. and Sadie (Vaughan) Hall, was born December 19, 1937, in Colfax, Missouri. She attended Westboro High School, Westboro, Missouri, graduating in 1955. &

Peggy Carlene Jones

July 13, 2017

Peggy Carlene Jones, the daughter of Carl D. and Elizabeth (Farmer) Nichols was born November 3, 1934 in Mangum, Oklahoma. Peggy graduated in 1952, from Garvey Hill Mark Keppel High School in Los Angeles, California.   On July 1, 1954, Peg

Anne Marie Heits

July 7, 2017

Anne M. Heits 1976-2017 Fairfax, Missouri   Anne Marie Heits, born September 3, 1976, to Frank J Quattrocchi and Twila (Smith) Massaro at St. Thomas hospital in Akron, Ohio, went home to be with the Lord on July 7, 2017.   Ann

Laurie J. VanderPlaats

July 2, 2017

Laurie J. VanderPlaats 1966-2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Laurie J. VanderPlaats, the daughter of Kenneth and Shirley (Kemerling) Walkup, was born May 4, 1966, in Fairfax, Missouri. She attended Tarkio High School, Tarkio, Missouri, graduating

Virginia Ann Renken

June 28, 2017

Virginia A. Renken 1933 – 2017 Tarkio, Missouri   Virginia Ann (Froerer) Renken was born on Christmas Day, 1933, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Her father was a civil engineer, and the family moved from Scottsbluff, where Mr. Froerer helped

Scott William McEnaney

June 20, 2017

Scott W. McEnaney 1964 - 2017 Hamburg, Iowa   Scott William McEnaney, the son of Derald William and Sharon L. (Kelly) McEnaney, was born September 29, 1964, in Kansas City, Missouri. He attended Tarkio High School, Tarkio, Missouri, grad

Annabelle Bailey

June 20, 2017

Annabelle L. Bailey 1916-2017 Palacios, Texas   Annabelle Lee Stickerod Bailey was born May 6, 1916, as the oldest of five children to Della (Grebe) and David Stickerod. Annabelle graduated from Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Missouri

Sandra Marie Lawson

June 17, 2017

Sandra M. Lawson 1969 – 2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Sandra Marie (Sandy) Lawson, the daughter of Ora William and Marie Janett (Moody) Perry, was born November 5, 1969, in Fairfax, Missouri. She attended Rock Port High School, Rock Port,


Harold Dean Anders

June 17, 2017

Harold Dean Anders, the son of Harold Allen and Lucy Mae (Malaney) Anders, was born May 5, 1926 in Redding, Iowa. He attended school at Union Star, Missouri, graduating in 1943.   On March 1, 1944, Harold entered the United States Navy and

Lester L. Cowell

June 7, 2017

Lester L. Cowell 1939-2017 Rock Port, Missouri   Lester L. (Pete) Cowell, the son of Armond (Buck) and Yvonne (Bonnie) Squires-Cowell, was born March 15, 1939. On January 5, 1958, Pete was united in marriage to Barbara A. Broady. &nbs